Out Front

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  • 1970
Liner Notes Transcribed By Gary Arnold
It's not the Pendulum as it swings to and fro but the essence that drives us that makes it go. I have always maintained Dear Hearts, that the Pendulum, although pulled to each side from time to time by the unseen forces that have disturbed our serenity of heart and spirit, has always managed to resume its course and drive us ahead on our predestined course as it swings to and fro. This album "OUT FRONT" starts another decade of Brother Dave ironically starting with the beginning of 1970. My first album "REJOICE DEAR HEARTS" for RCA Victor was one of many. "REJOICE" was recorded and released in late 1959, but it was at the very start of 1960 that my life's work up to that time was exposed to our People. Since that time, Brother Dave's albums have spread to every foreign country that the United States Armed Forces have gone. About my new album "OUT FRONT", I have endeavored to present, through my humor, the ever changing face of the era in which we live. A large part of my life has been spent "OUT FRONT" facing an audience of people who have come out to be entertained. You know laughter is the music of the Soul. I call events as I understand them. I do not make the events. Everything that happens effects me personally as well as you, the American Public. If I were asked to define what Brother Dave Gardner is in private life and in public on stage, I would define myself as a Philosophical Humorist, an incurable optimist, or a complete fool because I will always keep the faith. The 1970's are here, so Rejoice Dear Hearts and be exceedlingly glad. Brother Dave Gardner
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