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Sad News:

Brother Dave Gardner's son, David M. Gardner II, musician, foundation director.
Born Denver, Colorado, July 7, 1953; Died Hot Springs, Arkansas, September 4, 1999.

Obituary courtesy of Lou McElroy

(Jackson, Tennessee, October 22, 1999) After a youth spent in a luxurious Los Angeles mansion, Gardner went on the road with his performer father and business manager mother in his late teens to direct publicity efforts and later managed Brother Dave's road operations into his 1980's comeback. Having learned to play the Delta blues around Clarksdale, Missisippi, Dave later performed throughout the Delta and the mid-south region as L D Blues, preferring to capture his own musical audience without reference to the Gardner family name. He was also happy to provide backup guitar for tours by Arlo Guthrie and Ramblin' Jack Elliott, among others. Guthrie named Dave "Wandering Dave" for his sensitivity to the siren call of the road and playing for people across the country and abroad.

As for the Hollywood mansion, it was eventually boarded up after a dispute with the IRS, a dispute that eventually drove a disgusted, dispirited Brother Dave from the performance stage. David Gardner II took as his duty the resolution of the tax snag, and though it took decades and occurred after Brother Dave's 1983 death, he eventually succeeded in having the tax lien withdrawn.

In 1980, David had convinced Brother Dave to let him create the Brother Dave Gardner Foundation for the Performing Arts, a nonprofit foundation to share with the public the lives and accomplishments of performing artists through the ages, and to explore cultural development and enlightenment through the interaction between performer and audience. Plans for the Foundation, owner of the rights to Brother Dave's works, include the establishment of a multimedia research library where both scholars and the public can learn of the lives of performing artists in a cross-cultural, multilingual environment. Gardner also envisioned a performing arts center, a museum of entertainment with a research library, and a banking institution to finance movies, recordings, dance and the like.

In 1999, Dave became more active in his foundation activities,expanding its advisory board and working with Colorado writer Lou McElroy toward a biography of Brother Dave. The two also planned the creation of a website for the foundation and an annual festival in Brother Dave's honor. He was having transcripts made of some Brother Dave tapes, and digitizing several master tapes, many of which never heard by the public, at Sun Studios in Memphis.

He was also served as a vice president of the Hispanic American Law Institute, a public interest law organization in Dallas.

Gardner is survived by many "dearly beloved," to use a Brother Dave term, including his companion Bettye Padgett of Hot Springs; son Justin Swinford, Hot Springs; stepson Todd Graham, Hot Springs; and a sister Candace Hare, of Cleveland, Ohio.

Website News:

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News For Collectors:

Perry Amberson reports: "I have actually seen and laid my hands on (though, sadly, not bought because it wasn't for sale) the rumored 7-inch 33 and 1/3 RPM disc of "The Motorcycle Story" on Tonka. If memory serves, the full "Out Front" album version of the story is spread over the two sides of the disc."

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