Rejoice, Dear Hearts

Rejoice Album Cover Where else can you get hip to the true origin of Rock-n-Roll, experience the drama of Julius Caesar as produced by the "Down Home Players", or learn how NOT to give first aid at the scene of a motorcycle accident! You might even have an alien experience with the "little saucer that came wingin' in from the infinite." Brother Dave sings the popular "White Silver Sands" to wrap up this LP which hit #5 on the Billboard charts.
  • LSP - 2083
  • © 1959 Radio Corporation of America
  • Recorded in Nashville, Tennesee
  • Produced by Chet Atkins
"I believe women are smarter than men. They have always possessed what we have been seeking."
Liner Notes Transcribed By Gary Arnold
Dave Gardner, known more informally to his many admirers as "Brother", has found a warm place for himself in southern hearts. The fact is, however, that while his humor is largely regional, its drawing power is as considerable north of the Mason-Dixon Line as it is down in julepland. A case in point is the warm response to Gardner’s television appearances on New York’s highly urbane "Jack Paar Show.

This album was recorded on the spot during an engagement of Dave’s in a prominent Nashville might club. Locked fast in the grooves of this recording are all the elements that make for the contagious excitement of an "in-person" performance. And the very best table in the house has been reserved especially for you, so join in the fun of meeting Dave Gardner.

Interesting Trivia By Perry Amberson
Original Monaural LP - The original artwork features "full bleed" of the photo to the bottom of the cover. As the album was originally only available in monaural, the mono catalogue number is included in the box in the upper righthand corner of the cover. Later Pressing of Monaural LP - This later pressing features a slightly redesigned cover to accomodate the release of the fake stereo edition, LSP-2083(e). The catalogue number has been removed from the box to acilitate the design of the elongated stereo/mono cover slicks. As the stereo edition was now given priority, the photo of Dave was shifted upward, producing the empty blue bar at the bottom of the new monaural sleeve. The LP liner was also rearranged somewhat for stereo/mono reasons, and the phrase "during a recent engagement" in the liner notes was changed to "during an engagement." (NOTE: An even later edition of the album features yet another cover variation, with the light blue background behind Dave's head replaced by a patch of white. I have no idea why.)
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