It's All In How You Look At "It"

Look At

Is heaven really in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? What is the color of prejudice? Can you really make millions of dollars growing gourds in Mississippi? Is it true what they say about Dixie? Dave answers these questions, and inspires us all with the biblical story of Daniel in the lion's den (cadillacs optional). Learn how to get a cheap funeral and more in one of Gardner's funniest comedy spins.

  • Monaural LP T 2055
  • 1964 Capitol Records
  • Recorded live at the Copa Atlanta, Atlanta, GA
  • Produced by Gardner Enterprises
  • Recording Engineer - Bob Breault
Interesting Trivia By Perry Amberson
(NOTE: Also reportedly available in stereo edition ST 2055, but-- like ST 1867--I've never seen one. Also, one (or both) of the Capitol LP's was reportedly reissued on Capitol's Tower subsidiary during Dave's tenure there, but--once again--I've never seen one.)
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